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How to enable remote software updates in segregated networks with bandwidth efficiency and centralized control

22nd Jun 2022

Many manufacturing and industrial environments have segregated network setups where assets (IoT/embedded devices) are co-located within a local area network and separated from the public internet by an internet gateway device. Segregation increases security, but limits access and control to do software updates to the co-located devices more efficiently.

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Mender 3.3 release: Bringing full visibility and efficiency in segregated networks

21st Jun 2022

Today Mender 3.3 is released!

Thanks to the Mender Gateway, a new component in the Mender 3.3 release, it is possible to connect devices running in a segregated or isolated network to a Mender Server. Mender Gateway provides a complete visibility of devices that could not directly connect to the management server before.

At the same time, when running multiple devices behind the same Gateway,...

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Migrate to Linux with Yocto and Flutter in Embedded Devices

26th May 2022

Written by Wolfhard Prell, developer at Inovex. Published in association with Mender and Inovex.

This article will describe the migration from Android Things to a more specialized embedded solution using Yocto, Mender and Flutter for a meeting room management project. The project was completed by developers from Inovex. Inovex is an IT project house with a focus on digital transformation...

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Kubernetes vs Docker with Mender on-premise

23rd May 2022


How does Kubernetes and Docker compare when using either with the on-premise Mender management server for packaging and deploying software updates over-the-air (OTA) to target embedded Linux devices (Yocto, Debian, Ubuntu)? In this article, we’ll try to answer these questions.

However, before diving into the Mender-specific use case, let’s shed some light on the differences bet...

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Considerations for a Raspberry Pi-based device in production

19th May 2022


This article offers a short investigation into the prospect of putting and managing a Raspberry Pi in production with a commercial product. This involves finding out whether it is feasible or not to ship your product with a certain Pi model embedded inside. If you decide to do so, what considerations and configurations should be factored in by the time you ship the devices into th...

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