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Edge Monitoring and IoT - What is the Difference?

24th Dec 2021

Internet-of-Things or commonly known as IoT is another tech buzzword that many use in everyday language. IoT is a complex and fragmented industry with many interpretations of what it can do, largely driven by a company’s strategy and position in the market space and their view of the world. The common denominator is that IoT should improve companies' bottom line and provide value by improving thei...

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Azure IoT and Raspberry Pi - How to Get Started

23rd Dec 2021

Raspberry Pi-based compute modules are often used as edge devices to send signal and other sensor-derived data (temperature and humidity data) to the cloud using Azure IoT Edge and IoT Hub. Azure CLI and Azure Portal to deploy the Azure IoT Edge are the paths used for this use case.

The basics of how to connect a Raspberry Pi device to IoT Hub are described in the cited Microsoft Documentation...

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Automate Device Updates with Device Twins in Azure IOT Hub

22nd Dec 2021

Device twins are JSON documents that have device state information including metadata, configurations, and conditions. A device twin is created and managed for each device connected to your IOT project that is added to the IoT Hub. The following article summarizes the key parts and functions of the Device Twin. For more detailed information visit the cited Microsoft Documentation.

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2021 in review: Mender, OTA software updates and IoT device management

21st Dec 2021

We look back at what was an amazing year for the evolution of edge IoT and Mender as a best of breed managed service for OTA software updates (and add-on benefits)!

Recognition for the Mender Hub community

First of all, a big thanks to the Mender Hub Community who have helped us to support embedded projects with advice and hardware integrations since 2019. Since then, users have grown...

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Device Update for Azure IoT - How to Get Started

17th Dec 2021

Azure IoT Hub enables developers to put device management capabilities into their products' device twins. This enables synchronization of device configuration. Automatic device management is also enabled so configuration changes can be deployed across a large device fleet.

Critical importance of update manager

An update manager must also be factored in when you want to have device manag...

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