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Mender 3.1 release: Monitor using edge processing

We are excited to announce the Mender 3.1 release!

Mender 3.1 introduces the brand new Monitor add-on package. Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Mender’s Monitor add-on is built for connected devices. It uses edge processing, is designed for intermittent connectivity and requires much less bandwidth.

The Monitor add-on package complements the Troubleshoot and Configure add-on packages relea...

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Configuring QT Creator for Yocto with OTA Updates | Mender

16th Sep 2021

This is a guide to configuring QT Creator to perform application updates to Yocto based devices incorporating OTA updates from the experts at Mender. You may be looking to deploy applications made in Qt onto your fleet of IoT devices.In a very significant tutorial on the Mender Hub community platform, embedded engineer Mirza Krak explains how to take an application developed in Qt Creator and d...

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Debian and OTA software updates in an IoT project

15th Sep 2021

Mender supports secure and robust OTA updates of Debian-based Operating System images such as Raspberry Pi OS. The Debian family of OS are highly functional and provide a range of options for running embedded devices in an IoT project. Debian is often seen as a good starting point when setting up a proof of concept in an IoT project as it is relatively easy to set up and configure and there is a t...

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Cyberattacks continue to proliferate in connected devices

13th Sep 2021

The security challenge continues to grow in connected devices, or commonly referred to as Internet-of-things (IoT) devices. The hacking of a wide spectrum of smart devices such as smart fridges, and baby monitors to the infotainment system in your car are indicative of a security trauma being caused by the nature of these devices being online and vulnerable to attacks. As reported by Threatpost,...

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CVE-2021-35342 - useradm incorrect access control vulnerability

30th Aug 2021

We recently discovered a vulnerability in Mender Enterprise, thanks to the security researcher Mubassir Kamdar, and we have now fixed it.

When the User Administration service was configured to cache the user's JWT token verification, the token wasn't fully invalidated on log out, making it possible to issue new API calls to the backend despite being logged out. The security issue affects Mender...

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