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Using the Mender API: The Basics of the Management API

11th Jan 2023

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Customer engineer Alan Martinovic explores the basics of using the Mender API - specifically the management API

Mender was designed with easy integration into CI CD pipelines and fleet management workflows in mind and this is also reflected in our open core business offering and in our open source offering. Open REST APIs are the practical manif...

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Mender OTA integrated with Toradex Verdin iMX8M Plus SOM and Yocto

3rd Jan 2023

The embedded engineering experts at Mender’s partner Konsulko have completed a reference integration project: it ports Mender to the Toradex Verdin iMX8M Plus SoM and the exact steps to build images for it and the Dahlia carrier board using the long-term support release of the Yocto Project and the Toradex BSP.

Konsulko software engineer Leon Anavi led the integration project and he pre...

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In the World of Connected Devices: Top Five Trends in 2022

3rd Jan 2023

This article has been re-published with permission from the original on the Device Chronicle.

As companies continue to embrace a software-centered world, what were the top trends for 2022, and what can we expect for connected device management in 2023? The company behind Mender, CEO Thomas Ryd shares his insights from conversations with the world’s leading organizations.


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Mender 2022: A Year in Numbers

28th Dec 2022

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates continue to play a crucial role as technology continues to innovate and more devices are added to the connected, smart ecosystem. From electric and autonomous vehicles to smart buildings, Mender ensures the safety, security, and robustness of devices throughout the world. As 2023 approaches, the Mender team took a look back at some impressive figures that illu...

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Top Trend #2: Automation Enables Scale for Fleet Management

14th Dec 2022

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Over-the-air software updates bring automation at scale that is essential for a modern connected device fleet

If you start up an embedded project and have less than 10 connected devices in one location that require system and application updates, then it would be relatively easy to update them manually with a USB key. It might get a little bit harder if eac...

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