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Memory requirements for your Raspberry Pi with SD and eMMC

29th Jun 2021

To support the writing of image updates to the simple board computer (SBC), you need to think carefully about your Raspberry Pi and the SD card in it. A key consideration is writing to the SD card and not wearing out the flash memory. If the flash memory does get worn out before the end of the lifecycle of your device, the device will stop working. Then the device will have to be manually replace...

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Setting up a Raspberry Pi for an IoT project

25th Jun 2021

So you have decided you are going to use a Raspberry Pi as the hardware platform for your IoT project. A key part of the project is to update the software on your Raspberry Pi for various reasons that may arise such as bug fixes, security patches and user level application updates to name a few. Then you must focus on provisioning a robust and secure OTA software update manager for your Raspberry...

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Remote Monitor Raspberry Pi

21st Jun 2021

The IoT environment is different from the traditional IT environment. Particularly in server IT, data stored in large server infrastructures are in close proximity and can be reached at relatively low cost. In IoT, teams managing large fleets of distributed connected devices must cope with a surge of real time data from individual devices, which are globally scattered and built on various hardware...

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Enabling fast and secure software updates for Enterprise IoT

10th Jun 2021
Regional Artifact Storage

As a hosted Mender Enterprise customer you can now choose the location for storing device software, also known as Mender Artifacts. If your devices are located mostly in one region of the world, for example Germany, you can choose a Mender Artifact storage location close to this region. This will ensure faster and more reliable software updates installed to your con...

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OTA Update for Embedded Linux Systems

26th May 2021

Operating systems (OS) based on Linux are used in many embedded system architectures. Embedded Linux systems are very popular platforms for development and production of internet connected embedded devices, also referred to as the Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

In embedded Linux device development, there are two approaches when it comes to what operating system to run your device on. You e...

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