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Cyber EO makes timely delivery of cyber resilience a top priority

24th May 2021

Service providers and device manufacturers should, as a best practice, build in and assure the highest safeguards in cybersecurity in their products. This is something that we here at take very seriously and have enshrined in our product design through the Triangle of Trust™ which seeks to ensure that only “the right people, make the right changes to the right edge devices”.

The t...

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Beaglebone vs Raspberry Pi - Choosing the Right SBC

18th May 2021

Both the BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi family of boards provide solid, affordable single board computer options for your embedded systems project. If you want to add robust and secure OTA system updates to your devices then will support both.

Which board to select for your project?

Which board you select may boil down to a few factors such as your level of reliance on community...

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Raspberry Pi 5 - What to Expect and When

12th May 2021

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is here now and we can show you how to perform over-the-air software updates for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with Yocto Dunfel, Zeus and Warrior releases. If you still want a sneak preview of Raspberry Pi 5, please read on...

Raspberry Pi 5. Will it even be called that? What could the next generation Raspberry Pi SBC bring? We round up the most intelligent preview points.

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IoT Device Security: Why are Best-of-Breed OTA software update systems required?

11th May 2021

Many organisations suffer from having fragile and insecure homegrown solutions for software updating of IoT devices. A best-of-breed OTA software update solution from a professional system management vendor is the only alternative for a robust and secure IoT device fleet and a properly protected corporate network.

Where USB sticks are used to update the devices manually, additional cost and bur...

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What is Reverse SSH Tunneling and how does it work?

10th May 2021

Want an easy way to SSH to a device behind a firewall but don’t want to set up a VPN? Welcome to the pragmatic person’s approach - Reverse SSH tunneling.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard of SSH, the cryptographic network protocol usually running on port 22 which allows you access to the shell of a remote machine.

In the most basic form, you use the SSH client on your workstation to...

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