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Mender pays close attention to Quality Assurance

29th Oct 2020

QA leader Lluis Campos explains how the QA process is a social process embedded across the whole Mender engineering team.

Quality assurance is a process that like security runs to the very heart of Mender’s development culture.

Homegrown OTA software updates solutions can take at least 6 months if not 12 months to develop. They absorb development resources and still the software manager need...

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New hosted Mender release: Audit logs

14th Oct 2020

As always, security and robustness is the prime directive of Mender and yet this new release for hosted Mender is another testament to that directive.

We are happy to announce that Mender Enterprise now supports Audit logging!

Audit logs are an important cornerstone for improving security, compliance and accountability by logging important events that can later be analyzed in case of securit...

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Official Helm chart for Mender 2.5

30th Sep 2020

We are excited to announce the release of the official Helm chart for Mender 2.5.

Prerequisites Kubernetes 1.12+ Helm 2.11+ or Helm 3.0-beta3+

The version of helm used in this tutorial is 3. If you are using helm version 2, please adapt the helm install commands accordingly.

Installing the dependencies

Before proceeding with the installation of Mender, we need to install its...

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Mender 2.5 release: Expanding the security capabilities of Mender

21st Sep 2020

We are excited to release the hosted and on-premise editions of 2.5.0 (together with 2.4.1).

Security and robustness is the prime directive of Mender in doing over-the-air software updates, and we work hard to make sure that directive never goes out of our sight. Mender 2.5.0 is a further testament to that directive and comes with these brand new features focused on expanding Mender’s capabiliti...

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Mender documentation improvements

27th Aug 2020

To improve usability and make documentation more easily accessible, we have made several improvements to the Mender documentation.

New user experience

The documentation site now has a new user experience design, which will make it easier to work with. Documentation for older versions of Mender has been moved to a separate archive site and the default documentation version is now the version...

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