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Quantifying the economic value of using Software-as-a-Service to update all device software over-the-air

5th Aug 2020

Securing executive buy-in and building the business case for any technology investment can be challenging. To bring profitable products and improvements to the mass markets, pressure grows to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase competitiveness. The good news is when it comes to OTA software updates developers and device manufacturers no longer need to build their own backend and servic...

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Yocto dunfell support released

28th Jul 2020

Today we released support for the dunfell branch from the Yocto Project. The changes to support this branch are mostly under the hood, and therefore there are no significant new features in this release.

To get it, clone the new dunfell-v2020.07 tag in the meta-mender repository, like this:

git clone -b dunfell-v2020.07

Or, if you alrea...

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Requirements of a successful OTA update mechanism

23rd Jul 2020

With the proliferation of embedded devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) across a variety of industry verticals, a host of assets are scattered globally across terrain, geography, or customer locations. Support for remote software updates is inevitable for effective operations. Industry verticals such as transportation, energy, consumer, smart building and manufacturing rely heavily on a potent...

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Mender 2.4 on-premise released: New automation features

22nd Jul 2020

We are excited to release on-premise editions of Mender 2.4.0 and 2.3.1!

Mender 2.4 comes with these brand new improvements:

Automatic assignment of robust delta updates Automatic retry of failed device deployments Role Based Access Control Dynamic groups Software distribution overview Improved device filtering Smaller and simpler server

The new improvements in Mender 2.4 h...

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EU introduces a cyber security IoT standard to protect its citizens

8th Jul 2020

June 19th 2020 EU introduced the new Cyber Security standard for Consumer Internet of Things products. Following the rapid growth in connected devices combined with the increased risks associated with insecure devices, the EU hopes the new standard will lead to better security practises and more vendors adopting a security by design principle when developing new connected consumer products.

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