Two Ways to Update Embedded Devices Over-The-Air

1st Aug 2019

Whether the need is to install the latest security patch, delight customers with new features, or fix bugs - every company must be able to deploy over-the-air (OTA) software updates to their fleet of devices. There are fundamentally two different methods for updating a connected device remotely, be it a gateway, powerful edge computing device or a smaller IoT device.

The first update method i...

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Remotely update Raspberry Pi applications with Mender

23rd Jul 2019

When developing IoT products, there will inevitably be a need to update the software running on them.

This can be done manually or with scripts initially, but once there are more than a few dozen devices out there and the software update is more complex, such as updating an application framework or a full OS distribution, a dedicated OTA update manager is needed.

Mender is an open source OTA u...

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Mender Hub User Profile Series – Pierre Jean Texier

As today marks our third user profile in a series of blog posts that reflect our active Mender Hub contributors , we are happy to share about Pierre-Jean Texier. Pierre-Jean is an embedded software architect since 2014 when he started his career in the field of femtosecond lasers. Now, he works in the secure payment field where he designs embedded software for outdoor payment terminals such as...

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Mender Hub User Profile Series - Belisko Marek

9th Jul 2019

As part of our blog post series to learn more about our active Mender Hub community contributors, today we are excited to share about Belisko Marek from Slovakia. Marek is a software developer, Linux enthusiast, and loves to work close to hardware. He is a consultant and freelancer for various customers from embedded Linux to RTOS with over 10 years of experience. He is also in process of star...

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Mender Hub User Profile Series - Dan Walkes

2nd Jul 2019

We recently connected with some of our active contributors on Mender Hub to learn more about them, their projects, and their experience with Mender. We will share what we learned from them in a series of blog posts in the next three weeks.

Today, we are happy to share about Dan Walkes from Colorado. Dan is an Electrical Engineer who has spent most of the last 20 years writing firmware and s...

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