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Mender partners with Baylibre to deliver robust and secure software updates to IoT devices

15th Jun 2020 is excited to partner with BayLibre, an industry leader in embedded Linux and IoT for consumer and enterprise markets. BayLibre has pre-integrated secure OTA into a number of their projects, including the AIoT Linux SDK that BayLibre has developed in partnership with MediaTek. This enables BayLibre customers the ability to securely manage and deploy software updates remotel...

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The Simplicity in Mender's Pricing Approach

10th Jun 2020

Mender’s pricing is remarkably simple. You don’t need a complicated spreadsheet or a calculator anymore to estimate your monthly bill.

We have made it easy to match different needs of our customers with plans that not only go by scale but also by features more suitable for different phases of IoT product development, all with a fixed monthly pricing.

We offer four plans. The open source ve...

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Releasing new automation features with hosted Mender and 2.4 beta

9th Jun 2020

We are excited to announce an update to all hosted Mender plans (Starter, Professional, Enterprise) and release of Mender 2.4 beta!

Mender 2.4 will reduce risk of errors and security incidents and increase operational efficiency through automation.

Mender 2.4 introduces automatic assignment of delta updates, automatic deployment retries, Role Based Access Control, Dynamic groups, software d...

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Safety and security of the connected world

2nd Jun 2020

It is safe to say that the connected industry will not self-regulate and take the necessary security measures when developing new IoT products. As more of our lives come under the control of machines, the negative impact of security flaws increases. Small steps to regulate the IoT industry have been taken on most continents, but without any meaningful impact on the industry. All new regulations ha...

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A quick dive into k3s and the Mender Update Module for Kubernetes

28th May 2020

All of you know about Kubernetes, the open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management. Over time, it is becoming the de-facto standard to automate the deployment, scaling, and operations of container-based workloads in the cloud. The Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is responsible for the certification of the Kubernetes distribution...

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