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State scripts: A powerful tool for customizing your OTA software updates

11th Feb 2020

When deploying over-the-air software updates, you will benefit from having the capability to customize software releases and installations on your devices with more flexibility and control over your deployments. During the installation process on the device Mender State scripts and Update Modules are complementing features to customize the installation process to meet your requirements. In...

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Top 3 IoT security challenges

10th Feb 2020

With the advent of IoT and proliferation of connected devices across a variety of industry verticals, we are seeing a slew of new security vulnerabilities emerging. We live in an era where everything has turned ‘smart’: Smartphone, smart home, smart lock, smart camera and so on. A day going by without interacting with an internet connected device seems next to impossible. IoT has created a more c...

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The End of Easy Password guessing ….. this time in the UK

6th Feb 2020

Just a few days after California passed a new law preventing the use of default passwords in connected devices, the United Kingdom follows up with a similar, but even more comprehensive law.

In a press release from the UK government on January 27th 2020 called “Government to strengthen security of internet-connected products”, the new law and its implications are clearly outlined. The meas...

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Avoid product downtime and improve customer experience with Schedule Deployments

4th Feb 2020

Typically connected devices run through predictable cycles when they are unused or less used, for instance day versus night time. Times of idleness represent good opportunities to deploy a software update, as any downtime (such as a reboot) will most likely not affect users negatively.

Mender's focus on providing a robust update process makes it suitable for unattended updates, where no humans n...

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Come see us at Embedded World, 25 - 27 February 2020 // Nuremberg, Germany

3rd Feb 2020

We invite you to see us at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany. Do you want to see a demo of the latest Mender version, talk business, partnership opportunities, or have a plain low-level geek conversation, we are excited to meet new and existing users and customers.

Also, Mender's co-founder and CTO Eystein Måløy Stenberg will give a talk on OTA software updates for connected devices. Join u...

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