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Building a Spotify bridge with Mender and the Raspberry Pi 4

31st Oct 2019

For a while now the Raspberry Pi 4 has been out and while at first I was waiting for the delivery it took some time until I got actually started with this. As this was my very first attempt at a "IoT device", it might be helpful to first get some background on my motivation...

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Introducing the tutorial category on Mender Hub

29th Oct 2019

We are excited to announce the tutorials category on Mender Hub which is another community project launched by

Mender Hub is our community platform and so far we had two primary categories:

General discussions This is for feature requests, feedback about the Mender project, help requests and more. Board integrations This is the place to find resources for integr... Read the article

Announcing Mender Enterprise: Enabling deployment of large scale updates with production grade security, uptime and customizability

28th Oct 2019

We are excited to announce Mender Enterprise to facilitate the ever increasing demand for over-the-air (OTA) software updates in industrial, automotive, consumer, and smart connected Internet of Things (IoT) markets. We’ve been working hard to deliver the much anticipated features our customers have been waiting for.

With the advent of IoT and the proliferation of connected embedded devices a...

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Mender 2.2 released: Safely deploy at scale

27th Oct 2019

We are excited to release Mender 2.2!

Mender 2.2 improves support for large-scale deployments and security.

The key features of Mender 2.2 are covered below, and you can see the detailed items in the Mender 2.2.0 release notes.

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Delta updates, phased rollouts, schedule deployments and more with new Mender editions

21st Oct 2019

We are currently in the midst of gearing up and launching our new products and services at ELC Lyon next week on October 28th to 30th, and will be there to show you exciting demos of our new commercial features.

Commercial editions of Mender will soon get new value-add features! These include:

Delta updates: Save up to 70-90% bandwidth and make updates much faster Phased rollout: Gradua... Read the article