The End of Easy Password guessing ….. in California

24th Jan 2020

As a user of countless web accounts for banking, utilities, social media, ecommerce, email, and more, you have probably heard that it is a very bad idea to use the same password across several (or even all) accounts. If one of those sites get compromised (e.g. one of your social media accounts) an attacker may be able to use this information to log in to your online banking.

If we think about th...

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Converting a live device to a robust dual rootfs device

20th Dec 2019

Have you ever wanted to robustly update a bunch of devices, but you can't because they're already in the field, and they are not configured for a robust dual root filesystem layout? Today, we are exploring converting live devices from stock single partition devices into robust dual partition devices.

There has been a thread Mender Hub about live migration of devices to the dual partition devic...

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Webinar | Managing your Qt based embedded Linux device using

19th Dec 2019

Mender’s Mirza Krak presented a joint webinar on December 10th with our partners at The Qt Company on how to use to quickly and easily deploy applications made in Qt on to your field-deployed devices.

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IoT Development: Going from prototyping to production with embedded Linux

With the advent of IoT and the proliferation of connected embedded devices across a variety of industry verticals, a large share of devices in development are based on Linux of one form or another due to their prevalence of low-cost boards with ready-made Linux distributions. Easily and cheaply acquiring hardware, building custom code, connecting the devices to other peripherals and the internet a...

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How to work with Python applications and modules in Yocto

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used today and it has been around for more than 2 decades. It is commonly used in the development of applications for IoT and especially in the early stages of product development while developers might still be evaluating projects. The reason for its popularity is because Python is easy and quick to develop, for example the logic is closer...

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