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Kubernetes vs Docker with Mender on-premise

23rd May 2022


How does Kubernetes and Docker compare when using either with the on-premise Mender management server for packaging and deploying software updates over-the-air (OTA) to target embedded Linux devices (Yocto, Debian, Ubuntu)? In this article, we’ll try to answer these questions.

However, before diving into the Mender-specific use case, let’s shed some light on the differences bet...

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Considerations for a Raspberry Pi-based device in production

19th May 2022


This article offers a short investigation into the prospect of putting and managing a Raspberry Pi in production with a commercial product. This involves finding out whether it is feasible or not to ship your product with a certain Pi model embedded inside. If you decide to do so, what considerations and configurations should be factored in by the time you ship the devices into th...

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Managing multiple hardware versions of your device with Yocto and Mender

16th May 2022

These days, managing a robust and coherent update deployment pipeline across multiple hardware variants is a big challenge for many device manufacturers and device fleet managers. These variants can appear from the outside to be using the same hardware parts, but on the inside the parts can differ. There are 2 key reasons for this: first one, there is a well documented global shortage of chips,...

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Integrating Mender State Scripts in Yocto - A Step by Step Guide

10th May 2022

This tutorial will explain specifically the concept of state scripts in the OTA solution and give an example of how to integrate them into Yocto embedded Linux.

To begin with, let’s explain what Mender state scripts are and what typical use cases they can serve? The Mender Client has the ability to run scripts at defined points in the update deployment procedure. Those state scr...

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CVE-2022-29555 and CVE-2022-29556 - vulnerabilities in iot-manager and deviceconnect

27th Apr 2022

We recently discovered two vulnerabilities in Mender, thanks to the security researchers April Chaire, Jeff Hofmann, Joey Perme, Nathaniel Singer and Matteo Tarbet, and we have now fixed them.

The deviceconnect microservice in Mender before version 3.2.2 allows Cross-Origin WebSocket Hijacking. The vulnerability is present in the following versions of the product: 2.6.x, 2.7.x, 3.0.x, 3.1.x, 3.2...

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