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Key Considerations for Software Updates for embedded Linux and IoT

2nd Oct 2017

Last month, Linux Journal published an online article on key considerations for software updates for embedded Linux and IoT. The article was written by our own Eystein Stenberg.

Below are the key takeaways from the article.

Why is having a software updater for embedded Linux and IoT important?

There are two main reasons for ensuring you are be able to update your embedded devices.


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Notes from a user on Mender without Yocto

22nd Sep 2017

Arnstein Kleven, one of our Mender users, decided to use Mender for his board without using Yocto, and he was kind enough to share his notes from the experience! It's great to have an outside perspective on the challenges this presents. I have edited the raw notes slightly for easier reading, but otherwise this is straight from the community!

Note that this post assumes that you know the basics...

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Mender 1.2 released: scripting support!

5th Sep 2017

We are happy to announce the production releases of Mender 1.2.0 and Mender 1.1.1!

The Mender 1.1.1 release notes contains the details on the improvements in the Mender 1.1.1 patch release.

The key features of Mender 1.2 are covered below below, and you can see the detailed items in the Mender 1.2.0 release notes.

State scripts

There has beeen a lot of interest in the ability to run...

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Mender 1.2 beta: scripting support!

9th Aug 2017

Mender 1.2.0 beta is here and ready for you to try out!

The key features are covered below below, and you can see the detailed items in the release notes in the documentation.

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Why the Yocto Project for my connected devices?

26th Jul 2017

This month, Mender's own Drew Moseley wrote a blog post on "Why the Yocto Project for IoT" on It outlines many of the reasons why we chose it as the first platform to support.

Yocto is essentially a build system and a collection of tools to build your own Linux distribution based on your project's requirements, and it is backed by many organizations including Wind River, Mento...

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