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Unikernels + connected devices

8th Sep 2016

By Thomas Ryd

Do you want your connected device to be more secure, faster, more energy efficient, and easily managed? The promise of unikernels includes all of these. Are unikernels the next big thing for connected devices? At Mender, we are excited about the possibilities brought forward by unikernels and how it can make our increasingly connected world more secure and reliable.

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Yocto Project SDK Quickstart | San Francisco Bay Area Meetup in September

26th Aug 2016

Mender just published a Quickstart Guide to the Yocto Project SDK, which can be found under our resources page (click here for the web version). Thank you Scott Rifenbark, who is responsible for much of the Yocto Project's documentation.

While Mender will initially focus on supporting the Yocto Project due to the overwhelming demand from the embedded Linux community, we definitely plan...

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Automotive Linux Summit presentation slides and where to focus your embedded project costs

25th Jul 2016

It has been a busy few months for Mender! Our very own Eystein Stenberg presented at the Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo earlier this month. You can view the slides here.

While the cost-savings of over-the-air updates in the connected car is obvious, we have learned first-hand the value of connected devices in a variety of industries, including energy/utilities, digital signage, transportat...

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Mender to present at Automotive Linux Summit | Tokyo | July 13th-14th

20th Jun 2016

We are very excited to have Eystein Stenberg present his talk, "Securing the Connected Car" at the Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo, July 13th-14th.

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Featured on how to handle security threats for connected devices

9th Jun 2016

Our good friend Clive Maxfield (@MaxMaxfield) helped us publish our article Handling Top Security Threats for Connected Devices.

In the article, our Product Manager Eystein Stenberg describes the real-world challenges to system security when dealing with connected devices - as well as discussing ways to mitigate the risks.

You can read it in full over at

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