We just published a Selection Guide to OTA updaters

4th Nov 2016

We have published our Selection guide to OTA updaters, a technical brief based upon hundreds of conversations we've had with others in the connected device world. We have also updated our datasheet...

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Mender management server (test version) released!

10th Oct 2016

We have just released the test version of the Mender management server! While we have had the client-side component out for some time, we have now released a version of the management server. You can...

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Mender server soon to be released as open source

19th Sep 2016

The initial source code for the Mender embedded Linux updater client has been available since early 2016. Since then, the client has gone through many iterations and improvements and you can now do...

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Unikernels + connected devices

8th Sep 2016

By Thomas Ryd

Do you want your connected device to be more secure, faster, more energy efficient, and easily managed? The promise of unikernels includes all of these. Are unikernels the next big thi...

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Yocto Project SDK Quickstart | San Francisco Bay Area Meetup in September

26th Aug 2016

Mender just published a Quickstart Guide to the Yocto Project SDK, which can be found under our resources page (click here for the web version). Thank you Scott Rifenbark, who is responsible for...

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