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Monitoring a Fleet of IoT Devices: Key Areas of Focus

25th Jul 2023

With the widespread adoption of IoT devices and their integration into critical infrastructure, safeguarding the security of these devices has become a paramount concern for IoT solution owners. A robust monitoring system for IoT device fleets is essential in order to identify potential security issues and raise alerts when anomalies occur. Understanding the best practices and innovative approac...

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Top Trend #3: Reduce operational costs and realize the business value of IoT with delta updates

9th Feb 2023

Industrial operations, building management systems, or consumer vehicles — to acquire data from connected assets, organizations must invest in a best-of-breed over-the-air (OTA) update solution within its embedded device strategy. As connected assets are often geographically dispersed or exist in remote locations, their operation depends on cellular or satellite data networks. Any data transfer...

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In the World of Connected Devices: Top Five Trends in 2022

3rd Jan 2023

This article has been re-published with permission from the original on the Device Chronicle.

As companies continue to embrace a software-centered world, what were the top trends for 2022, and what can we expect for connected device management in 2023? The company behind Mender, CEO Thomas Ryd shares his insights from conversations with the world’s leading organizations.


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Top Trend #1: Opportunity Costs of Buying versus Building OTA Software Infrastructure

2nd Dec 2022

A 5 point framework for assessing whether to buy or build OTA software infrastructure.

The Mender team recently visited the TechAD automotive conference in Detroit. Albeit it was automotive industry-focussed, we learned about the motivations and drivers for choosing whether to build or buy the components of their software infrastructure. As in most industry segments, liability and risk managem...

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Don’t be a sitting duck, plan now for Device Lifecycle Management

30th Aug 2022

Google Cloud IoT Core is to be retired, a timely reminder to emphasize the importance of a vendor-agnostic approach to your device lifecycle management.

Last week, came the news that Google plans to retire Google Cloud IoT Core on August 16th, 2023. This gives current enterprise users of Google Cloud IoT Core services less than 12 months to prepare and execute a migration plan.

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