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What is the right strategy for IoT update management?

13th Jul 2021

When designing and provisioning OTA software updates in IoT update management, it is important to think about the right strategy for deploying the updates to your device fleet. This is an essential step in figuring out how to build a management workflow for your IoT fleet. It is important to understand the distinct nuances of system updates and application updates and which ones are most suitable...

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Selecting an OTA updates provider for Yocto

5th Jul 2021

What should you consider in a provider for a Yocto OTA update? Your OTA software updates solution for a Yocto layer should be as non-intrusive as possible. This is a design principle that is front and center with Mender so the OTA software update manager should fit neatly into what you're building without being in the way. This will not always be the case with other OTA software update options...

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IoT device management: Why is it important in managing software updates?

27th Apr 2021

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of embedded connected devices across a variety of industry verticals, a host of assets are scattered globally across terrain, geography, or customer locations. Support for remote software updates is inevitable for producing customer value and effective operations. Industry verticals such as transportation, energy, consumer, smar...

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A landmark day for device security - US Senate passes Cybersecurity Improvement Act on to the President for signature

1st Dec 2020

Our mission to secure the world’s connected devices got a timely boost when the US Senate passed the Internet of Things (“IoT”) Cybersecurity Improvement Act (H.R. 1668) into law. This is the brainchild of Congresswoman Robin Kelly from Illinois. The legislation provides for the establishment of a minimum set of cybersecurity standards for government purchased, internet connected devices.


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Quantifying the economic value of using Software-as-a-Service to update all device software over-the-air

5th Aug 2020

Securing executive buy-in and building the business case for any technology investment can be challenging. To bring profitable products and improvements to the mass markets, pressure grows to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase competitiveness. The good news is when it comes to OTA software updates developers and device manufacturers no longer need to build their own backend and servic...

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