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The Hidden Costs of Homegrown Updaters and a Requirements Checklist for OTA

We have published a White Paper on The Hidden Costs of Homegrown Updaters to help everyone understand the range of costs to build a feature-complete software update mechanism for your IoT devices. As more and more embedded systems are coming online, basic capabilities such as the ability to update and patch them are being overlooked and don't take into consideration certain risks, which we detai...

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Unikernels + connected devices

8th Sep 2016

By Thomas Ryd

Do you want your connected device to be more secure, faster, more energy efficient, and easily managed? The promise of unikernels includes all of these. Are unikernels the next big thing for connected devices? At Mender, we are excited about the possibilities brought forward by unikernels and how it can make our increasingly connected world more secure and reliable.

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The case for over-the-air software updates and patching the Internet of Things

7th Oct 2015

Embedded systems have existed since the Apollo space program - the Apollo Guidance Computer in the Lunar Module is regarded as the first embedded computer, enabling the historic mission to land mankind on the Moon. Decades later, we are now in the age where embedded devices are being connected. The first wave was connected mobile phones, which have fundamentally changed the way we interact. As t...

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Security updates for the Internet of Things (part 2)

31st Aug 2015

Part two of two - part one is available here.

The Internet of Things are:

Resource constrained Field-deployed These devices are beyond the “safety” of the corporate firewall Manually repairing a “bricked” device is prohibitively expensive May be responsible for human safety, such as medical devices or connected cars

Given these constraints, having a robust process for security pat...

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Security updates for the Internet of Things (part 1)

13th Aug 2015

Part one of two - part two is available here.

A decade ago, managing security patches was not a top priority for most IT security personnel. Vulnerable systems were rarely updated and when they were it was an after thought. In the early 2000’s, most security professionals relied on network security to defend vulnerable systems and most assumed they could build strong defenses around vulnerabl...

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