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4 Challenges to Ensure Seamless OTA Updates Across Smart Vehicle Fleets

29th Aug 2023

Where over-the-air (OTA) updates once only served to reduce recall costs, they now act as a game-changer for the automotive industry. Volvo, for example, upgraded its Apple CarPlay experience for over 650,000 vehicles through a new OTA update – a change that would have been arduous in years past.

Today, OTA updates offer a plethora of benefits, including better customer experience, new busines...

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Driving Towards the Future: The Role of OTA Updates in Autonomous Vehicles

1st Aug 2023

With the rise of autonomous vehicles, the automotive industry is experiencing a monumental transformation. As stated on Forbes, “Embarking on this industrial revolution via technology, today’s largest enterprises are and must undergo a cultural revolution. They must embrace software and technology as the linchpin for not just their business’ success but survival.”

As self-driving cars become...

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How to comply with ISO/SAE 21434 & UNECE R155/R156 for robust automotive cybersecurity

26th Apr 2023

Software is eating the car. A modern electric vehicle (EV) runs more than 100 million lines of codes, hundreds of electronic control units (ECUs), and includes an average of 1500 semiconductor chips. Software controls everything from the infotainment system and driver assist features to engine, power, and critical safety functions.

With an expected life of over 20 years, vehicle cybersecurity...

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