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Mender 3.6: Auto-generation of delta updates

9th Oct 2023

Mender 3.6 is released, including all the features published on Hosted Mender in the last few months as part of our continuous development and rolling releases.

Mender 3.6 is an LTS (long-term support) release and will be maintained for 12 months from the release date. We encourage all users and customers to upgrade to Mender 3.6 at their convenience.

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Mender announces new partnership with Unikie

24th Oct 2022

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Unikie. This partnership will enable key parts of secure device lifecycle management for Unikie's end customers resulting in faster time to market for their connected products.

Unikie is a Finnish forerunner in intelligent, real-time decision-making applications for vehicles, cars and industry. The Tampere-headquartered company develops technol...

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Mender 3.4 on-prem release: integrate Mender with AWS IoT Core and other backend services

3rd Oct 2022

Today Mender 3.4 is released, including all the features we published on Hosted Mender in the last few months as part of our continuous development and rolling releases.

Thanks to the native support of AWS IoT Core and the support of Webhooks, we simplified the integration of Mender with other backend services avoiding the need to periodically poll the management API end-points to pull data and...

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Meta-mender Kirkstone branch released

13th Sep 2022

The kirkstone branch of meta-mender, Mender's Yocto Project layer, has been released. The main feature of this release is compatibility with the Yocto branch of the same name, which is their latest LTS release. Branches in meta-mender are maintained according the same schedule, which means that the meta-mender kirkstone branch is an LTS release, supported until at least April 2024.

At the...

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SAML Federated Authentication is now available in Mender Enterprise

7th Sep 2022

It is now possible to configure your tenant on Hosted Mender to leverage a SAML-compatible Identity Provider (IdP) to identify and authenticate users. Thanks to this feature, users can log in to Mender using their existing credentials (e.g., Azure/Microsoft, AWS, or any other SAML-compatible service.

Setting up Mender as a SAML Service Provider (SP) requires uploading the SAML metadata from yo...

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