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What Is a Mender Update Module, How It Works and Why Use It?

In Mender taxonomy, an Update Module is essentially a method for deploying over-the-air (OTA) software updates with the advantage of customizability and flexibility at its core. See Two Ways to Update Embedded Devices Over-The-Air.

Before getting into Update Modules, let’s refresh what Mender Client and Mender Artifact are. Mender Client is a process that runs in user space on top of an em...

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Remotely update Raspberry Pi applications with Mender

23rd Jul 2019

When developing IoT products, there will inevitably be a need to update the software running on them.

This can be done manually or with scripts initially, but once there are more than a few dozen devices out there and the software update is more complex, such as updating an application framework or a full OS distribution, a dedicated OTA update manager is needed.

Mender is an open source OTA u...

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Updating Raspbian remotely

20th Dec 2018

If you are using a Raspberry Pi with the Raspbian OS, a new way to update it remotely is available!

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Mender 1.3.0 released - automated U-Boot patching!

21st Dec 2017

We are happy to announce the production release of Mender 1.3.0!

The key features of Mender 1.3 are covered below below, and you can see the detailed items in the Mender 1.3.0 release notes.

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