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Getting started with Mender 2.1 beta on Windows

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 with Windows 10 installed on it. I wanted to get started and evaluate Mender with the latest Mender 2.1 beta release, using my Raspberry Pi 3 board. The main goal with this new onboarding process (as opposed to 2.0 version) is that it will take you through installing Mender and deploying a demo application update on your existing physical device and OS in as little...

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Mender Enables Over-The-Air Software Updates in NXP's i.MX 8M Family of Application Processors

We are excited to announce our collaboration with NXP to facilitate the ever increasing demand for over-the-air (OTA) software updates in industrial, consumer, end-to-end security, privacy and smart connected Internet of Things (IoT) markets. NXP is the world leader in high performance mixed signal solutions holding number one position in various verticals including Automotive and Identificati...

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Mender 2.1 beta: Deploy your first application easily

19th Aug 2019

Mender 2.1 beta is here and ready for you to try!

The focus for Mender 2.1 is Application-based onboarding. The goal is that new Mender users can deploy their own application in as little time as possible when starting from scratch!

The key features of Mender 2.1 beta are covered below, and you can see the detailed items in the Mender 2.1.0 beta release notes.

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Get started easily: New onboarding in Hosted Mender

14th Aug 2019

An easier way to get started with over-the-air updates has been released to Hosted Mender!

Onboarding -- welcome

The new onboarding tutorial will take you through installing Mender and deploying a demo application on your existing device and OS, which should take less than 10 minutes.

Onboarding -- connect device

After this you will be guided through creating your own update and deploying this to your device as well.

Thanks to the Mend...

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Remotely update Raspberry Pi applications with Mender

23rd Jul 2019

When developing IoT products, there will inevitably be a need to update the software running on them.

This can be done manually or with scripts initially, but once there are more than a few dozen devices out there and the software update is more complex, such as updating an application framework or a full OS distribution, a dedicated OTA update manager is needed.

Mender is an open source OTA u...

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