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Live webcast: Troubleshoot and configure your embedded devices remotely with Mender 2.7

8th Jul 2021

We recently launched Mender 2.7 which introduced optional add-on packages, containing a set of features for solving other device management use cases. These packages include device Configuration and Troubleshooting features. With Configuration you can customize each device to its environment and with Troubleshooting you can resolve issues with your devices in real-time, all securely and effi...

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Coming soon webinar | Secure and Robust OTA Updates with AAEON/UP Squared and

Don’t forget to register for June 20th and join us to learn how Mender is now available on UP Squared to do secure and robust over-the-air software updates out-of-the-box.

Up Squared is the world’s fastest x86 pro maker board based on the latest Intel platform Apollo Lake.

Register here.

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Webinar this Wednesday, May 15th | How Blokable uses Mender for OTA updates for scalable housing creation

We will be hosting a webinar this Wednesday, May 15th at 9:00am Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco) with our friends at Blokable, a company focused on expanding prosperity and equity in communities by building high-quality, low-cost, connected housing at scale. Come learn how Blokable uses Mender's secure and robust OTA update manager to unlock new capabilities and continuously improve the BlokSense Platform, a digital product that reduces the cost of maintenance and operations for Blokable communities.

Please see the webinar below!

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