An open source project

Mender is an open source project, licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 for the following reasons:

  1. To make our software available to any person or company whose problems it will solve, without any license or vendor lock-in constraints.
  2. To encourage a thriving community that is open and equal.
  3. To build a sustainable open source business for the long term.

We offer board support services, as well as software support for Mender so your team can submit support tickets to resolve any issues and have urgent bug fixes delivered. Mender also provides general Professional Services in case your team needs assistance, for example setting up the Yocto Project environment according to best practices for OTA integration.

Contact us to find out more.

How to contribute

Add or update code

We encourage you to become a contributor to the project by creating pull requests against the Mender GitHub repositories.

Join the conversation!

You can join our mailing list or the #mender IRC channel on Freenode to discuss the Mender project. We are also on Twitter @mender_io. You can also contact us directly.


Help improve our documentation at by making pull requests via GitHub.

Report a bug

Report a bug and help us improve Mender - our public bug tracker is available at

Become a user tester

Participate in a user test to help us improve Mender - and earn a $50 Amazon gift card. Sign up here!