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Mender OTA updates and an automated CI/CD pipeline at Gunnebo Safe Storage

20th Jan 2022

Mender is about to announce an updated integration with Azure IoT Hub. But our OTA updates solution has also been integrated with Microsoft's Azure DevOps toolsets by some software and embedded development teams. Progressive DevOps teams such as the team at Gunnebo Safe Storage are using end to end integration between development pipelines and OTA image updates so that they can use automation...

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How To Create a Device in Azure IoT Hub

11th Jan 2022

A device must be created or registered in Azure IoT Hub in order for it to be added as an IoT Edge device to IoT Hub. This allows the device to run IoT edge modules and to send and receive telemetry data, and receive c2d messages from the IoT cloud.

In one approach, IoT Edge devices (sensors) and gateway devices can be added to an IoT Hub from the Azure Portal. In the next step, a descriptive...

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Azure IoT and Raspberry Pi - How to Get Started

23rd Dec 2021

Raspberry Pi-based compute modules are often used as edge devices to send signal and other sensor-derived data (temperature and humidity data) to the cloud using Azure IoT Edge and IoT Hub. Azure CLI and Azure Portal to deploy the Azure IoT Edge are the paths used for this use case.

The basics of how to connect a Raspberry Pi device to IoT Hub are described in the cited Microsoft Documentation...

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Automate Device Updates with Device Twins in Azure IOT Hub

22nd Dec 2021

Device twins are JSON documents that have device state information including metadata, configurations, and conditions. A device twin is created and managed for each device connected to your IOT project that is added to the IoT Hub. The following article summarizes the key parts and functions of the Device Twin. For more detailed information visit the cited Microsoft Documentation.

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Azure IoT Device Provisioning Service - An Introduction

20th Dec 2021

Mender has an integration with Azure IoT Hub for sharing device credentials. Mender is also used in conjunction with Azure Device Provisioning Service to securely update thousands of gateway devices on home heating and comfort management systems provided by Vaillant Heating Systems. This integration project is described here. For these reasons, how Azure Device Provisioning Service functions i...

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