A secure and economical way to update
all in-vehicle software

Securely managing and deploying all in-vehicle software updates anywhere anytime

Management of vehicle systems from pre-production to end of life

Over-the air (OTA) software and firmware updates enable the management of in-vehicle systems from pre-production to the end of life, providing endless benefits to manufacturers, dealers, and owners. During the development cycle, software updates will need to be managed across a fleet of pre-production vehicles that may be in different parts of the world.

Moreover, with connectivity and data consumption often at a premium, the delivery of over-the-air (OTA) updates on a cellular or other wireless network can quickly become a major financial burden. The benefits of OTA, including improved customer experience, significant cost reductions due to recalls, continuous improvement and new revenue opportunities through remote access to vehicle data, cannot be overlooked.

Key business priorities

Operational costs

Risk management

Consumer experience

How Mender delivers on priorities

Produce a 10-fold reduction

in update software payload sizes with delta updates resulting in greatly decreased cellular network data consumption and faster update delivery time. Watch the video

Reduce the cost

from pre-production to the end of life without the manual labor of having field technicians repair each individual vehicle.

Increase customer loyalty

with faster and more frequent feature and service updates without the need for vehicle recall.

Minimize risks

of large scale vehicle fleet malfunction and unforeseen issues by gradually rolling out and updating across the vehicle fleet, greatly reducing business liability and improving operational efficiency.

What our customers have to say about Mender Enterprise

"A key thing with Mender Enterprise is the ​Delta Updates​. The image we are sending to the lorry ICU devices are 200 to 300 mbytes in size, and over a cellular network, this would be very slow over cellular and cost a fortune without having the ability to use deltas to reduce the file updates size."

Jonathan Wilkinson, Principal, iBee Technical Services

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