Deployment management server

Support scale of devices and avoid manual one-by-one updates. Intuitive UI. User management. Deployment reports and logs.

Device grouping

Controlled deployment management. Device type to avoid incompatible updates.

Full image atomic updates

No software component ever sees a partially-updated system.

Update modules

Framework to enable support for and customize the installation of any software type.

Out-of-the-box support for application updates

Support for updating applications, packages, containers and files.

See Update Modules currently available.

Mender as a Debian package

To make it easy to install and use Mender for application-based updates on Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian OSes.

Automated rootfs rollback

Dual A/B partition setup with out-of-the-box sanity check ensures automatic rollback if an update fails for any reason.

Standalone deployments for systems without network

Support for environments with no network connectivity with ability to update via USB or SD cards.

See the documentation

Scripting support for custom actions

Create custom sanity checks to verify device connectivity and functionality after an update is installed.

More about state scripts.

Integrity checksum

Root filesystem integrity checksum to avoid corruption during transfer or storage.

Secure TLS communication between client/server

TLS is enforced in all network communication.

Code signing

End-to-end signatures and verification of image Artifacts for authenticity and integrity with support for offline signing.

See the documentation

Compression of transfer

Root filesystem gzip-compression to save bandwidth.

Streaming of update

Mender streams the update from the server over HTTPS so no temporary space is needed on the device. The checksum is also computed on the fly during the streaming.

Support for common embedded storage

Mender supports eMMC, SD card, raw NAND/NOR flash.

Raw flash support docs

Yocto Project integration

Mender provides a Yocto meta layer containing all the recipes needed to build the Mender client into a Yocto image.

Raspberry Pi 3 and BeagleBone Black

Both the BeagleBone Black and the Raspberry Pi 3 are reference devices for Mender, as well as a virtual device for development and testing purposes.

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