Mender has three tiers:

Open Source, Mender Professional and Mender Enterprise.

The core features are available on every tier.

Management Server

Mender's deployment management server gives
 you control over your updates.

  • Controlled deployment management
  • Device grouping
  • Intuitive UI
  • Rest APIs
  • Deployment reports and logs
  • User management
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Extend the Mender client to meet your needs.

  • Enable the installation of any software type
  • Customize the update process
  • Custom sanity checks to verify device connectivity and functionality after an update


Mender is compatible with a growing number of devices and operating systems and common embedded storage types.

  • Compatible with system, file, application, package, or container updates.
  • Mender as a Debian package for Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian OSes.
  • Tested on Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone reference boards.
  • 30+ boards and OSes supported by the Mender Hub community integrations.
  • Yocto project integration
  • Supports eMMC, SD card, raw NAND/NOR flash.

Robustness and Security

  • Automated rootfs rollback with dual A/B partition
  • Full image atomic updates
  • Secure TLS communication
  • Code signing for verification
  • Root filesystem integrity checksum to avoid corruption during transfer or storage.


Mender Hub community forum dedicated to enable OTA software updates on any hardware platform and operating system.

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Feature comparison

See the full comparison of features & support, for each product tier:


Open Source



Management server

Device grouping

Rest APIs

Standalone mode

Device filtering

Phased rollouts

Robust delta updates

Multi tenancy

Production-ready server configuration

Configured for scaling

Customized infrastructure

On-premise server

Secure hosted server


Update modules

Custom state scripting

Customized install and update process


Support for system, file, application, container and package updates

Mender as Debian package

Raspberry Pi & BeagleBone reference board

Yocto integration

Support for common storage types: eMMC, SD card, raw NAND/NOR flash

Robustness & Security

Automated rootfs rollback

Full image updates

Secure TLS communication

Code signing verification

Integrity checksum to avoid corruption

Two factor authentication


Community forum at Mender Hub

Professional technical support

SLA-backed support

Training for Mender server operations

Mender Open Source

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Mender Professional

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Mender Enterprise

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