What is Mender?

Mender is the only client-server open source solution for deployment of secure and robust over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

It includes two components - a client and a management server, which are both open source and licensed under Apache 2.0.

Mender provides a complete set of tools and support for building, deploying, and managing embedded devices with full control and customizability over how a software is installed. This makes Mender unique for providing both robust system- and application-level updates and this combination enables Mender to solve all your OTA updates needs.

Targeted application-level updates, which can be just a few kilobytes in size (compared to potentially hundreds of megabytes for system-level updates), enables much lower bandwidth usage, faster updates and more frequent deployments.

Embedded and system developers find that building a software update mechanism to remotely deploy updates to devices in the field is time consuming, costly, and outside of their core competency. The majority of homegrown solutions lack the key elements for a successful implementation:

  • Built-in security
  • Community-backed
  • Robust update process
  • Fleet management
  • Server management

The software update process for connected devices is complex, with many requirements to ensure a secure and robust process. Users report that average development effort can be as high as 6 months to a full year when a homegrown solution is implemented with varying cost implications. Luckily, we have a solution that fits your needs! Our tools can work together as a platform, or tailored to your specific project and use case needs with different hardware and operating system.

Above all, there is a community called Mender Hub that you can become part of, get support, discuss and contribute. Our goal is to enable OTA updates with Mender on every board and operating system!

Why use Mender?

Save yourself valuable development time and effort

Some organizations decide to build their own update mechanism without realizing how much it can cost. Read our White Paper on the Hidden Costs of Homegrown Updaters to learn about the costs of rolling and maintaining your own update tool, compared to a ready-made solution like Mender.

No vendor lock-in

Mender is a fully open source client-server OTA update manager licensed under Apache 2.0 and freely available to use with no vendor lock-in. You can run Mender on-premise, in standalone mode or sign up for Hosted Mender - all without fear of being locked in.

Software quality and reliability

We spend significant time and effort to ensure the highest quality. We have invested in creating an infrastructure that allows us to do automated unit tests, acceptance tests and integration tests on each code change we make to the product. We run tests on both virtual and physical devices. This ensures that we are able to catch problems early in the process before it ever reaches our users.


We have the only online community dedicated to enable OTA software updates on any hardware platform and operating system. Get support, discuss and contribute to the cause. Our goal is to enable OTA updates with Mender on every board and operating system! Join the movement with Mender Hub.

Reduce customer support issues

Mender is focused on giving you a robust and secure update process, so you can avoid the common pitfalls that lead to devices being bricked or compromised. Using image-based updates with automatic rollback your devices will always come back online and be ready to receive updates - which means fewer customer support issues and no costly device recalls.

Easy to integrate, manage and deploy

Mender's features include an intuitive UI, deployment reports, custom checks via scripting support, code signing and more. Read a full list of Mender's features

Complete set of tools, documentation and technical support

With experience of more than 30 years in embedded Linux development, hardware bring up, server and software update management solutions we provide extensive tools, documentation, technical know-how, and support. Just try us!

Are you ready to join the list of companies using Mender?