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Mars rover

Inventas is a Norway-based product development agency catering to companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises. They approach customer challenges with a critical mindset on how innovations can improve the customer situation – combining creativity, engineering, technology, and business skills.

Mender and Inventas partner so that organizations can access services and solutions from across the following domains:

  • Embedded design
  • Precision
  • FPGA/AI and IoT in space tech
  • Hybernetics & mechatronics/electronics & electrical engineering
  • Product design, simulation, bridging point calculations
  • Digital twin development
  • Machine user interface (UI/UX) design
Read a Device Chronicle interview with the company's Chief Strategy, Business Development & Partnerships Officer, Kjetil Thorvik Brun.

Benefits of using Mender and Inventas

Specific domain expertise in embedded product design, including precision and FPGA

Security by design in IoT connected products through secure software deployments

Support for inherently fail-safe device fleets

Inventas' advanced solutions

Inventas offers bleeding-edge solutions for domain-specific challenges where IoT connectivity is required.


Perform repairs underwater.


Inventas delivered an autonomous underwater robot called the Eelume in collaboration with a research institute and a private enterprise. The Eelume is a self-propelled autonomous vehicle with robotic arms whose slender and flexible body can transit over long distances and conduct inspection, maintenance, and repair in confined spaces not accessible by conventional underwater vehicles.

Watch a video on the Eelume


Monitor the well-being of premature infants.

Neo Doppler

Inventas delivered the NeoDoppler connected health device supporting premature babies. Premature infants are more likely to develop brain damage. The mortality risk is reduced by measuring their blood flow and managing it carefully and continuously. An embedded monitoring device integrates into a cap with a sensor, that captures continuous data flow and combines it with other hospital and clinical systems.

Video: Searching for ancient life on Mars

Inventas delivered a control system for solar panels and a radar system on the Mars Rover, trying to detect subterranean organisms. The job was to see geologic features under the surface with ground-penetrating radar that could operate off the power of 5 to 10 watts, returning data from depths of greater than 10 meters.

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