Hosted Mender

Hosted Mender is a secure Mender Server we host for you — so you are able to spend more time on your core product while having the confidence of a reliable OTA update solution.

A secure and up-to-date hosted management server

Rather than spend time & effort of maintaining your own server, focus your attention on developing your product.

Reliable uptime and monitoring. Our uptime status and history is tracked at

All the latest and commercial features of the Mender Server, fully tested, automatically available to you.

Introducing Hosted Mender: getting started with OTA updates using the Hosted Mender service.


Pay monthly only for what you use. Your costs are dependent on the number of devices, number of deployments, and how much data is transferred.

Number of devices* * max 100,000 devices
Annual deployments to all devices
Artifact size (MB)*
$0 One-time fee
$0 Per month
$0 Average one-time fee per device
$0 Average per device per month
A $10 monthly minimum fee applies.

Find more information at the pricing page

Sign up now and get $120 free credit in the first 12 months

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Try an online demo

Try out the Mender UI right now, using an online demo. You'll experience key features like device authentication, device grouping, release management and deployment of updates.

How it works:
  1. Click the 'launch' button below to be redirected.
  2. Log in using these credentials:
  3. Email:
    Password: demo
  4. The demo environment will reset any changes every 15 minutes, so feel free to click around and try things out!