Mender Professional Pricing

With Mender Professional, you pay monthly at the end of each calendar month. The price for depends on usage – we calculate and send a bill based on your consumption during each month.

Pricing calculator

Estimate your likely monthly cost using the calculator:

Number of devices* * max 100,000 devices
Annual deployments to all devices
Artifact size (MB)*
$0 One-time fee
$0 Per month
$0 Average one-time fee per device
$0 Average per device per month
A $10 monthly minimum fee applies.

Unit price generator

You can use the table below to generate the specific prices per unit, based on your exact number of devices (up to 100,000 devices):

Number of active devices* Activation Fee Monthly Device Fee Device Deployment Fee Data Transfer Fee (per GB) Data Storage Fee (per GB)
* prices for up to 100,000 devices. For more, contact us.

The unit fees explained:

  • Activation Fee: for each of your devices that you make Active (which means it is authenticated and authorized against the hosted Mender service), you will be charged a one-time Activation fee.

  • Monthly Device Fee: every Active device will be subject to a monthly fee, applied at the end of each month the device has been Active.

  • Device Deployment Fee: every time you create a Deployment, there will be a Deployment Fee based on the number of devices targeted in the Deployment.

  • Data Transfer Fee: when deploying updates, data traffic is sent between a device and the hosted Mender service and a Data Transfer Fee will incur. Data Transfers Fees are calculated by the amount of data traffic in Gigabytes.

  • Data Storage Fee: the software you wish to deploy to your devices needs to be uploaded to the hosted Mender service and stored. Data Storage Fees are calculated as the average number of Gigabytes per hour required during the month.

The number of Active Devices in a month is used to calculate unit prices
If you open an account and activate 100 devices on June 3rd, and activate 1,000 more on June 10th (and do not deactivate any), you have 1,100 Active Devices in June. Thus, the Activation Fee for June will be $1.070 per device and this would apply to all those devices.

The Activation Fee (and other unit prices) is the same regardless on which day of month you activate the devices, what matters is how many total Active Devices you have in the month. The number of Active Devices is also the number of devices the Monthly Device Fee applies to.

Avoid new Activation Fees and Monthly Device Fees when reflashing devices
For billing purposes devices are counted as unique when they have distinct 1) identity and/or 2) public key.

For example, if a device is first accepted with identity mac=123 and then accepted with identity mac=456 it will be counted as two devices and thus billed with two Activation Fee and Monthly Device Fee units. If a device is accepted with identity mac=123 twice, but with two different public keys it will also be counted as two distinct devices and again two Activation Fee and Monthly Device Fee would apply.

Download the full PDF of unit prices for 1-100,000 devices.

For complete information and full definitions of these fees and how they are calculated, see