Hosted Mender: Focus on your core product, not the setup and maintenance of the OTA server

Hosted Mender is a secure Mender Server we host for you - so you are able to spend more time on your core product while having the confidence of a reliable OTA update solution.

Focus on your core product development

Don’t spend time setting up your own server - simply point your devices to Hosted Mender and focus your attention on developing your product. This provides savings in time and money by avoiding the maintenance required from running a management server yourself.

When running a microservices-based web application like the Mender Server yourself, there are many considerations to keep in mind to ensure security and uptime. But if you connect your devices to our Hosted Mender server, we take care of these considerations for you!

A secure and up-to-date server

The Hosted Mender Server is securely configured for production and constantly up-to-date with the latest updates; keeping the Mender Server secure is critical to maintaining the integrity of the OTA update process over time.

Maintaining a server yourself requires you to keep on top of things, and you run the risk of falling behind. The most common cause of breaches is the lack of follow-up to long-standing known vulnerabilities in web applications or their configurations. Unauthorized access to the OTA update server can have major consequences, as attackers may be able to deploy the software they want to all your devices!

By using Hosted Mender, you benefit from our expertise in configuring and running the most up-to-date Mender Server for secure production-grade installations.

Uptime and monitoring

Hosted Mender is extensively monitored and the Hosted Mender team proactively remediates issues before they become a problem.

Maintaining your own server’s uptime is expensive - it entails service monitoring, controlled application upgrades, and continuously ensuring compatibility between device software and server software. You also need to manage server certificates and ensure they are renewed in time in order for devices and users to have uninterrupted access.

With Hosted Mender, we take care of this monitoring and management, while ensuring the ongoing compatibility between your devices and the server. Hosted Mender addresses the uptime requirements for running the Mender Server in production.

Our uptime status and history is tracked at

The very latest features

Hosted Mender provides all the latest features of the Mender Server, fully tested, automatically available to you. We also plan to add commercial features to Hosted Mender.

When running your own server, if you needed new features or bug fixes you would be required to monitor their development so you could upgrade to them once they are completed and released.

With Hosted Mender, you automatically get the latest features and bug fixes when they are pushed to production.

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Additional security and uptime features offered by Hosted Mender

Security features

Latest bug fixes and security patches

Avoid the most common cause of compromise: outdated software.

Public access only through load balancer

Prevent exposure of internal services with no authentication.

Internal networking behind VPC

Avoid any leaks of sensitive communication.

API access logs

Detect and maintain evidence of attacks by devices or users.

Encrypted database storage volumes, accessed over TLS

Keep your customer data confidential.

Database backup access logs

Audit trail of who accessed database backups, and when.

Uptime features

Kubernetes autoscaling

Mender Server capacity grows with your device fleet needs.

Kubernetes cluster across multiple cloud zones

Survive downtime of an entire datacenter region.

Rate limiting

Stop API abuse and malfunctioning devices from significant impact.

DB redundancy and availability via 3 node replica set

Avoid downtime due to database connectivity or durability issues.

DB backups every 6 hours

Restore any data unintentionally deleted or lost.

Durable and restricted-access Artifact storage

Ensure Artifacts are always available for your devices and inspection.

Commercial features

Device filtering

Hosted Mender-only feature to filter devices on Artifact installed, MAC address or any other inventory attribute.

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