Mender Webinar Series

Fleet management for IoT: Device troubleshooting and configuration

Mender 2.7 introduced optional add-on packages, containing a set of features for solving other device management use cases beyond OTA software updates. These packages include device Configuration and Troubleshooting features. With Configuration you can customize each device to its environment, and with Troubleshooting you can resolve issues with your devices in real-time – all securely and efficiently.

In this webinar we will demonstrate the following features:


  • Remote terminal
  • File transfer
  • Port forwarding


  • Configuration UI
  • Reporting
  • Scripting

We will also cover the new features of Mender 3.0. These features offer full control over the progress of an update; both centrally through Synchronized Updates, as well as on the device through the brand new Mender Device-side API based on D-Bus.

Presented by

  • Eystein Stenberg, CTO & Product Manager

  • Farshad Tavakoli, Head of Technical Product Marketing

Watch the webinar