Mender Webinar Series

Discover How Software Updates Enhance Performance of Marine IoT

The Airmoniq IoT device with system and component updates provided by Mender provides a performance measurement capability for professional sailors with mid-sized boats that has previously only been accessible to elite sailing teams.

Many Hungarian sailing teams are now using the Airmoniq product on their boats. The product consists of an onboard IoT device which collects the sensor data, and a software application that makes smart suggestions to help support decision making. These decisions include for example, when should the sailor turn the boat, or change the sail. GPS, wind measurement, depth of the lake, wave detection and a vision system that tracks the crew members and the position of the 5 to 10 sails and the dynamic changes - are all measured by the product.

We are joined by Airmoniq CEO to explain in more detail the idea behind the business, how it works, and how Mender provides over-the-air (OTA) embedded software updates to ensure even in the hard reach environment of a lake, the devices still receive secured updates.

Presented by

  • Valeria Ceselli, Community Manager
  • Gabor Nemeth, CEO Airmoniq

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