Mender Webinar Series

Introducing hosted Mender: Software-as-a-Service to update IoT devices

Hosted Mender, a Software as a Service enabling automated OTA software updates to Linux devices, allows IoT device makers to get their product to market faster because they can focus on their core product development instead of building their own update mechanism. This service allows IoT devices to have a secure and robust OTA update process that will enable on-demand bug fixes, the ability to patch security vulnerabilities, and deploy new features while devices are in the field.

In addition, there is a learning curve in setting up and maintaining an orchestration system such as Kubernetes to manage production-grade container services that are part of Mender’s server. Hosted Mender removes this management overhead so that makers of IoT products can focus on their core product development.

Join the Mender team to get a deep dive into the capabilities and features of hosted Mender and how it can help developers and device manufacturers manage and deploy OTA updates to IoT devices.

Presented by

  • Drew Moseley, Technical Solutions Architect
  • Ralph Nguyen, Head of Community Development

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