Mender Webinar Series

Managing your Qt Based Embedded Linux Device Using

So you have made a world-class application with Qt, but how do you deploy it to many devices in a robust, reproducible and secure way?

In this webinar Harald Kjølberg from Qt and Mirza Krak from will show you how to use to quickly and easily deploy applications made in Qt to your field-deployed devices.

In this webinar we will start off by giving an overview of Mender and how it works, followed by an impressive demo showing you how to:

  • Use a QtCreator build as input artifact for to do an application update
  • Do a phased roll-out of the newly created / updated application
  • Explain how you can automate the roll out using APIs
  • Explain how this can be integrated to deploy images based updates

Presented by

  • Mirza Krak, Embedded Linux Solutions Architect
  • Harald Kjølberg, Product Manager The Qt Company

Watch the webinar