Mender Webinar Series

Mender 3.1 - Detect and analyze health issues with the new Mender add-on

Real-time monitoring of your device’s resources and state, combined with an anomaly detection engine gives you instant visibility into potential problems with your device fleet – so you can investigate before your customer would even notice. This ensures higher uptime and eliminates lengthy and costly support incidents.

Mender 3.1 introduces the Monitoring add-on with features to help ensure that all your devices and services are healthy.

Unlike traditional cloud monitoring solutions, Mender Monitor is built for IoT. This means that it uses edge processing, making it a fully distributed solution: the device creates and responds to alerts locally. When connectivity to the cloud is available, the alerts are synchronized to maintain full visibility. This makes it possible to instantly act on high severity alerts, such as overheating, without waiting for connectivity to be restored.

Presented by

  • Eystein Stenberg, CTO and Co-founder
  • Farshad Tavakoli, Head of Technical Product Marketing

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