Mender Webinar Series

Simple Provisioning and OTA Update of Connected Embedded Linux Devices

Previously Mender had supported the Colibri i.MX7 platform as a standard Yocto integration pairing Mender meta-mender layer with the Toradex Yocto support.

The new seamless integration between Toradex Easy Installer and hosted Mender gives an out-of-the-box OTA updates experience to Toradex customers - no need to spend time on board integration or server management. You can also build your own Linux images for Toradex boards and Easy Installer. This setup allows you to use the Toradex Easy Installer to quickly provision your board with the initial image, and then move forward using Hosted Mender for your OTA updates.

Join and Toradex as they do a deep dive into this new integration with Toradex as they will be demonstrating this new technology.

Presented by

  • Drew Moseley, Technical Solutions Architect
  • Brandon Shibley, VP of Innovation Toradex

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