Professional Services

Mender's experienced professional services team provides consulting for projects both big and small, specializing in the rapid implementation of automated OTA updates. Mender also provides consulting for more generic embedded Linux consulting, including system design architecture and recommendations. Below are some items we can help your team with:


  • Integrating the Mender client with your device, including patching of U-Boot, building u-boot-fw-utils and Yocto Project integration for your board
  • Design of the device partition layout for your device and application needs, including design for persistence of configuration
  • Guidance on deployment of the Mender management server (web application) for your environment, to ensure security, scale and high availability
  • Build out your test environment to ensure the Mender client and management server can be used to reliably verify updates before they are deployed to production
  • Integrate Mender with your continuous integration server (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo, BuildBot)
  • Custom run-time scripts to adapt the Mender client to your specific use case

General embedded Linux/Yocto Project consulting

  • Embedded Linux system design architecture and recommendations
  • Yocto build customizations
  • Yocto platform layer development
  • Yocto recipe development including new packages, SOC kernels, etc.
  • Custom automated build setup
  • Yocto Project training


Pricing is $2,000 per day plus any applicable travel/expenses.

To save on travel and expenses, professional services can be conducted remotely for services such as integrating the Mender client with your device and configuring the server to your environment.

Please contact us for an estimate for your project.