Software Support

The Mender management server and client is fully open source and free to use. Users can modify at their own discretion and risk, without any warranty. Mender Software Support provides peace of mind and helps ensure your Mender installation is reliable and secure.

Issue resolution under an SLA

For embedded products and devices that have strict uptime requirements or in development environments where fast problem-resolution is a priority, Mender offers subscription support in order to help you quickly resolve any questions or issues that arise. The subscription support offering provides you with:

  • Immediate contact with our knowledgeable team that built Mender
  • Service level agreements with guaranteed response and resolution times
  • Peace of mind when running production device fleets sensitive to issues that could cause device downtime
  • An opportunity to join our customer advisory board and help drive our future product roadmap

Long term support for your OS and environment

Mender follows and supports the latest version of the Yocto Project. Once you deploy your devices to production you might not want to stay up-to-date with the 6-month Yocto Project release cycle for the years to come. As a Mender Software Support customer you can get:

  • Long-term support of the Yocto Project version your project is using
  • Certification that the Mender client version you are using supports your Yocto Project version
  • Tested and safe upgrade-path for the Mender client you are using so you avoid any downtime due to incomatibility
  • Best practices on the upgrade process to minimize risk

Impact the Mender roadmap

Mender Software Support customers can participate in monthly product update calls with the product team at Mender, which allows you to review and impact the product roadmap so future versions of Mender meets your needs even better.


Pricing for an annual subscription of Mender Software Support starts at $7,900 for 5 support incidents. Please contact us for more information.