A robust and secure way to update all your software

Deploy your IoT devices at scale with support for customization

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Over-the-air software updates for IoT and connected devices

Application updates using packages, containers, files, directories, bootloaders, and proxy device deployment - for faster and more frequent updates.

Full image system updates using A/B partitioning provide automatic rollback functionality, for the most robust update process.

Full customizability of your
 install and update process.

Easy integration with
 a growing number of boards and operating systems.

A friendly UI, extensive documentation and technical support.

Deploy your updates with confidence

  • Built-in security and robustness

    Mender is focused on giving you a robust and secure update process, so you can avoid the common pitfalls that lead to devices being bricked or compromised.

  • Software quality and reliability
    with 80% test coverage

    We have created an infrastructure that allows us to do automated unit, acceptance and integration tests on each code change we make to the product. We run tests on both virtual and physical devices.

  • No vendor lock-in

    Fully API based, open source licensed under Apache 2.0. Integrate, manage, deploy without fear of being locked in!

  • End-to-end OTA software update manager with client-server architecture

    Fully manage, deploy and monitor all your software update needs with log management, overview of running software versions, inventory list, fleet-wide rollouts and more!

  • Community-backed

    Mender has the only online community dedicated to enable OTA software updates on any hardware platform and operating system. Get support, discuss, and contribute to the cause on

    Mender Hub
  • Complete set of tools, documentation and technical support

    We have extensive documentation, technical and professional support to get you started easily.

    Get started here

Requirements Checklist for Over-the-Air Updates

Read about the requirements for robust and secure OTA updates, and the risks to your device fleet when you don’t meet them.


Hidden Costs of Homegrown Update Managers

Learn about the hidden costs of a homegrown OTA software update solution and the risks it could bring to product development life cycle.

Get started with Mender

You have several options to run Mender

Open Source

On-premise management server, free to download and use with
 no vendor lock-in.

Hosted Mender

Connect your devices to our hosted server, and manage your updates through our web UI.

Mender Enterprise

Manage your own production server
 at scale, with customized updates and advanced features.

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