Over-the-air software updates for embedded Linux devices

Mender is an open source tool for updating your embedded devices safely and reliably

Remote updates delivered over any TCP/IP network
Automate the way updates are rolled out
Image-based updates from Mender's server side to your connected devices

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Why use Mender?

Reduce bugs and vulnerabilites

Reduce bugs and vulnerabilites

Keeping your devices up to date makes them safer and more secure

More control

More control

Fine grained control over your update rollouts

Secure communication

Secure communication

Mender uses secure TLS protocol and authentication

Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI

View dashboards and reports in an inuitive user interface

How it works

Mender is an open source project to help secure connected embedded devices by providing a safe and reliable software update process.

We know the risks of updating devices in the field. That’s why Mender uses a dual A/B rootfs partition layout, secure communication via TLS, and carries out integrity checks on images prior to deployment.

Mender currently supports Linux-based devices that use U-Boot and provides a meta layer for the Yocto Project for very easy integration with Yocto-based distributions.

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Automotive Linux Summit presentation slides and where to focus your embedded project costs

27th Jul 2016

It has been a busy few months for Mender! Our very own Eystein Stenberg presented at the Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo earlier this month. You can view the slides here.

While the cost-savings of over-the-air updates in the connected car is obvious, we have learned first-hand the value of connected devices in a variety of industries, including energy/utilities, digital signage, transportation, the smart home, robotics, and much more. Many embedded developers across a diverse range of industrie…

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Mender to present at Automotive Linux Summit | Tokyo | July 13th-14th

20th Jun 2016

We are very excited to have Eystein Stenberg present his talk, "Securing the Connected Car" at the Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo, July 13th-14th.

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Automate over-the-air software updates with Mender



The risks of the Industrial Internet of Things


Upcoming events

Talk on Cryptography Basics for Embedded Developers at 10:00 Thursday, September 22nd
September 21st-22nd 2016
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Two talks on Wednesday October 12th: Securing the Connected Car at 9:00, and Software Updates for Connected Devices: Key Considerations at 15:00.
October 11th-13th 2016
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