Deploy updates to your devices in the field

Update your connected devices over-the-air, wherever they are

Save valuable development time & effort

Mender is a ready-made, secure update solution that lets you update devices over-the-air

Update all your software & devices with Mender Enterprise

Production grade security, uptime & scalability with SLA-backed support

Avoid costly device recalls

Your devices will always come back online, even in cases where an update fails

Mender is an open source update manager for embedded devices - a reliable and robust alternative to homegrown update mechanisms.

Brick-free updates with automatic rollback functionality

Open source from end-to-end, including management server and client

A friendly UI and extensive documentation to help you get started easily

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Get started easily with Hosted Mender

Spend less time on maintenance tasks and more time developing.

With Hosted Mender you can use our production-grade management server to deploy updates to your devices.

Spend more time on your core product while having the confidence of a reliable OTA update solution.

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Mender is an open source project. Our Developer Portal has everything you need to start developing with Mender and become part of the Mender community.

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News & Events


Raspbian update breaks devices

14th Mar 2019

A couple of days ago there was an incident involving Raspberry Pi devices running Raspbian. During a period of time devices could brick if you perform an ‘apt-get update && apt-get upgrade’. In this case they would brick by losing most of their functionality and if restarted they would not boot anymore.

The problem, in this case, was that a misconfigured package was uploaded (raspi-copies-and-fi...

Will the new EU standard protect consumers from IoT products?

11th Mar 2019

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) recently released Technical Specification 103 645, seeking to help protect consumers from IoT devices. Supported by world-class brands like ABB, Canon, Ericsson, Mitsubishi and LG Electronics can we expect this to be a first step in making IoT more secure?

The standard covers the ground from a fairly technical point of view, and talks a...

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April 7th to 9th, 2019

FOSS North. Gothenburg, Sweden

Mirza Krak will be giving a talk on how to "Integrate IoT cloud analytics and OTA updates with Google and

April 17th, 2019

Meetup: Comparing and Contrasting Embedded Linux Build Systems and Distributions. San Francisco, CA

We will be hosting a Meetup at 7:00pm on Wednesday, April 17th.


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