Deploy updates to your devices in the field

Update your connected devices over-the-air, wherever they are

Save valuable development time & effort

Mender is a ready-made, secure update solution that lets you update devices over-the-air

Update all your software & devices with Mender Enterprise

Production grade security, uptime & scalability with SLA-backed support

Avoid costly device recalls

Your devices will always come back online, even in cases where an update fails

Mender is an open source update manager for embedded devices - a reliable and robust alternative to homegrown update mechanisms.

Brick-free updates with automatic rollback functionality

Open source from end-to-end, including management server and client

A friendly UI and extensive documentation to help you get started easily

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Spend less time on maintenance tasks and more time developing.

With Hosted Mender you can use our production-grade management server to deploy updates to your devices.

Spend more time on your core product while having the confidence of a reliable OTA update solution.

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Mender is an open source project. Our Developer Portal has everything you need to start developing with Mender and become part of the Mender community.

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News & Events


Mender tools available in official Debian repositories

17th Apr 2019

Thanks to the work of Andreas Henriksson the following packages are now available in official Debian repositories:

Installing the Mender client on a device is only one part of the integration process, and to fully utilize the image based updates one also needs to integrate with the bootloader. More details are o...

Guest webinar | How Blokable uses Mender for OTA updates for scalable housing creation

16th Apr 2019

We will be hosting a guest webinar with our friends at Blokable, a company focused on expanding prosperity and equity in communities by building high-quality, low-cost, connected housing at scale. Come learn how Blokable uses Mender's secure and robust OTA update manager to unlock new capabilities and continuously improve the BlokSense Platform, a digital product that reduces the cost of maintenance and operations for Blokable communities. This webinar will be livestreamed on YouTube on Wednesday, May 15th at 9:00am Pacific Time.

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May 15th, 2019

Webinar: how Blokable implemented Mender for scalable housing creation and operations

We will be hosting a guest webinar with our friends at Blokable.

May 18th to 19th, 2019

Maker Faire Bay Area. San Mateo, CA

The team will be attending Maker Faire, please contact us to arrange a meeting!


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