A faster way to get to smart manufacturing

An efficient mechanism to update all manufacturing
device software

Enabling the transition of legacy
to smart manufacturing

IoT in manufacturing lowers maintenance costs and improves overall productivity.
Over-the-air software updates provide a new way of efficiency to enable the transition of legacy manufacturing to the new era of smart manufacturing. An OTA solution from Mender is the secure, robust and scalable delivery mechanism to the building blocks of the smart factory, delivering the latest software and firmware updates to your operating assets.

Top business segment priorities:

Operational efficiency

Risk management

How Mender delivers on priorities

Reduce the costs

associated with manual labor of updating manufacturing device software and firmware

Minimize risks

of large scale equipment malfunctions and unforeseen issues by gradually rolling out an update, greatly reducing costs.

Improve efficiency

by customization of software and firmware releases and installations specific to a manufacturing workflow

What our customers have to say about Mender Enterprise

"We were looking for a Best-of-Breed partner that could reliably deliver the service, and hide the sheer complexity of OTA software updating behind the scenes and shield the business from this complexity."

Andreas Heid, Head of Edge Technology & Device Management, Schindler Digital Group

"The advantages are that the batteries are included with Mender! What I mean by this is that we don’t have to spend too much time and our own development resources building our own homegrown updating solution."

Benedikt Miller, CTO, Codestryke GMBH

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