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Security is critical in the management of medical IoT devices

As connected medical devices proliferate so do security vulnerabilities that can put patient’s lives at risk.

Medical device providers need transparent, robust and secure over-the-air software updates to deliver all the necessary updates in a single process. These include device improvement updates, security updates and bug fixes. Stringent security steps should be taken by implementing secure boot, network stack hardening, and public key encryption.

Key business priorities


Safety & security


Operational costs

How Mender delivers on priorities

Reduce the costs

Delta update allows for deployment of considerably smaller update payloads, minimizing the use of cellular network data costs and download times.


Improve efficiency

Administering device groups simplifies fleet management of connected diagnostic products which could be deployed by individual doctors’ offices or related clinical sites.


Enhance security

Mender's ability to sign and verify artifacts supports your security compliance needs with appropriate precautions taken at the server end. This avoids the possibility of receiving and applying a malicious update.


What our customers have to say about Mender Enterprise


Clinomic partnered with Mender Enterprise to help keep the devices up to date with OS, application and security updates, and also to ensure devices would not fail in the event of an intermittent power loss or get corrupted in the middle of the updating process.

Med Dr Arne Peine, CEO
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