Turning needs
to streams of value

Get your product to market faster, safer and cheaper

Outdated software can do irreparable damage

Fast product iteration cycles are important in the consumer market. Leaving outdated software in a fleet of devices can do irreparable damage. New features, improvements, bug fixes and security patches are critical to meeting business objectives as well as consumer needs.

Key business priorities


Total cost of ownership

How Mender delivers on priorities

Fast and more frequent application updates

enable more features, services and product improvements to meet evolving customer needs all towards enhancing the customer experience and meeting business needs

Extensive OTA features and support level

and the ability to automate and manage deployments across a large global fleet of devices meets the demanding requirements of IoT devices and infrastructure.

Reduced overhead

and maintenance of software updates saves time and cost throughout the product lifetime without sacrificing security and robustness

Industry customers of Mender

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