How to increase security in enterprise IoT

22nd Jan 2021

One of the biggest challenges in IoT security is the risk posed with an insecure software update process. Updates are critical for maintaining security on connected devices as the software on these devices will become outdated during their lifetime and vulnerabilities are certain to arise if left in their initial states. Therefore a secure, risk tolerant and efficient update mechanism must be...

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Mender 2.6 release: Secure remote access and customizability

We are happy to announce Mender 2.6 release.

Mender 2.6 comes with major architectural improvements to enable support for new use cases in Mender. The first feature to leverage the new architecture is also here: the secure Remote terminal, and more will come in future releases!

Secure Remote terminal

From the usage point of view, the new Remote terminal does exactly what you would expect: in...

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A landmark day for device security - US Senate passes Cybersecurity Improvement Act on to the President for signature

1st Dec 2020

Our mission to secure the world’s connected devices got a timely boost when the US Senate passed the Internet of Things (“IoT”) Cybersecurity Improvement Act (H.R. 1668) into law. This is the brainchild of Congresswoman Robin Kelly from Illinois. The legislation provides for the establishment of a minimum set of cybersecurity standards for government purchased, internet connected devices.


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A new wave of strong security for end to end IoT gateways

19th Nov 2020

To mark iWave’s partnership with Mender, we highlight how cybersecurity for IOT gateway device protection is being addressed through industry co-operation

This is an increasing wave of innovation and technology partnership designed to help protect embedded systems across industry against unauthorized access and targeted attacks.

On October 22nd last, the Right Honorable Lucian Niemayer, A...

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Building the Mender-Rust project with Yocto

18th Nov 2020

This is part III in a series on writing a Mender-client in Rust.

Read part II here, and part I here.

In order to really get the project tested, we are going to build it along with the the Yocto sources for the Mender project. For the uninitiated, Yocto is a configurable Linux distribution, which relies on the Bitbake build-system, and comes with a reference distribution called Poky.


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