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Enhancing mobility and safety for citizens: A smarter power wheelchair can increase the user's independence and real-world technology inclusion.

14th Sep 2023

Users of conventional power wheelchairs can face some significant challenges, including avoiding collisions, drop-offs, and tips. Kevin Lannen, Senior Embedded Systems Engineer, at mobility company LUCI explains that crash tests have found the force that would hit the femur in an accident with one of these power wheelchairs was more significant in some cases than what would happen in some car cr...

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4 Challenges to Ensure Seamless OTA Updates Across Smart Vehicle Fleets

29th Aug 2023

Where over-the-air (OTA) updates once only served to reduce recall costs, they now act as a game-changer for the automotive industry. Volvo, for example, upgraded its Apple CarPlay experience for over 650,000 vehicles through a new OTA update – a change that would have been arduous in years past.

Today, OTA updates offer a plethora of benefits, including better customer experience, new busines...

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Driving Towards the Future: The Role of OTA Updates in Autonomous Vehicles

1st Aug 2023

With the rise of autonomous vehicles, the automotive industry is experiencing a monumental transformation. As stated on Forbes, “Embarking on this industrial revolution via technology, today’s largest enterprises are and must undergo a cultural revolution. They must embrace software and technology as the linchpin for not just their business’ success but survival.”

As self-driving cars become...

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Monitoring a Fleet of IoT Devices: Key Areas of Focus

25th Jul 2023

With the widespread adoption of IoT devices and their integration into critical infrastructure, safeguarding the security of these devices has become a paramount concern for IoT solution owners. A robust monitoring system for IoT device fleets is essential in order to identify potential security issues and raise alerts when anomalies occur. Understanding the best practices and innovative approac...

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The Power of Embedded Open Source: EOSS 2023 Takeaways

6th Jul 2023

Last week,, the company behind Mender, participated in the Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) in Prague, connecting with attendees and presenting on key topics. The new umbrella event for open source embedded projects and developer communities, EOSS 2023, included the Embedded Linux Conference, Automotive Linux Summit Europe, and the Zephyr Project Developer Summit, among others.

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