New iteration of Mender available!

28th Dec 2016

We are happy to announce a new iteration of Mender, our over-the-air software updater for embedded Linux devices. It is available for testing, both client- and server-side. And it is all open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0!

As we still have a few more features to implement before we mark Mender production-ready, this iteration does not have an official version number. It is delivered in terms of a branch named stable in the code repositories. This branch may continue to change...

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Yocto Training (4 day hands-on) in Portland, OR in February and in Munich, Germany in March

5th Dec 2016

We are a proud Yocto Project Supporting Organization participant and to help further the ecosystem, we will be hosting a couple of 4 day hands-on training courses on getting started with Yocto. These will coincide with upcoming conferences Mender will be sponsoring, so it’s never too early to make travel arrangements:

February 14th through 17th, 2017: Portland, Oregon USA, a week prior to Embedded Linux Conference Portland

March 6th through 9th, 2017: Munich, Germany, a week prior to Em...

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Porting Mender to a non-Yocto build system

29th Nov 2016

Today we take a look at what is needed if we want to port Mender to a non-Yocto build system. Yocto does a lot of stuff behind the curtains that is supposed to make it easier to integrate Mender, so that users can focus on the features of their device instead of low level update details. When we bring the build out of Yocto's care, all these little details become exposed, and we need to know what they mean for the integration.

This will be a quite technical blog post, and a certain knowledge o...

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We just published a Selection Guide to OTA updaters

4th Nov 2016

We have published our Selection guide to OTA updaters, a technical brief based upon hundreds of conversations we've had with others in the connected device world. We have also updated our datasheet with new information - you can find these and more under our Resources page.

Selection Guide

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Why did we choose Golang over C?

21st Oct 2016

There were many tradeoffs we considered as we began this project. We were aware that a healthy portion of our potential users were C programmers. However, we chose Golang over C for both our management server and client as we felt that Golang would best benefit the embedded Linux community due to the following:

  • Golang has more core language features and libraries that allows much faster development of applications. This means that more Mender features can be developed for the community and use...
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