Mender Extras

Tailored services, expert support

Our team of consultants is ready to offer their skilled expertise and customize Mender to meet the unique needs of your organization or OTA project.

These services are available at an additional cost on top of Mender's core offerings.

Consulting services

Tap into the expertise of domain specialists

Mender's experienced consulting services team has deep expertise for projects both big and small, specializing in the rapid implementation of OTA update management. We also provide general embedded Linux consulting, including system design architecture and recommendations.

Board integration

Our team will integrate the Mender client with your device, including the patching of U-Boot, building u-boot-fw-utils and Yocto Project integration for your board.

Yocto Project

We offer a Yocto Project and Mender Quickstart package – as well as Yocto build customizations, platform layer development, Yocto recipe development and Yocto Project training.

Embedded Linux consulting

We can advise and train on best practices, provide embedded Linux system design architecture and recommendations, and custom automated build setup.

Managed Mender service

For Mender Enterprise customers who can't use our public cloud offering, we can set up and provide assistance with an alternative Mender server running inside your own network.
Hosted mutual TLS service

Increased device-server authentication security

Mender Enterprise supports mutual TLS (mTLS), often used in a zero trust security framework as an additional layer for two-way authentication of devices.

Setting up mTLS requires an mTLS ambassador running as an edge proxy in front of the Mender server. If you need assistance setting up this ambassador in your own infrastructure, we can offer support – or provide a hosted mTLS service for you.

Contact our sales team describing your use case for a quote.

Hosted Mender regions

Advanced hosting options for your data and services

Hosted Mender instances are now available in multiple regions. Our team can assist you in configuring and delivering your data and services, guaranteeing compliance and maximizing performance.

S3 Transfer Acceleration

We can enable AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration, shortening the distance to your Mender Artifacts – reducing latency and improving data transfer.

Private Artifact storage

Provide your own S3-compatible storage solution to store Mender Artifacts, and we can configure your hosted Mender instance to use it.

Hosted Mender region switch

For better compliance or latency improvements, our support team can assist in migrating your fleet of devices from one hosting region to another.

Fixed Artifact storage region

Mender Artifacts can be stored in different regions. For security compliance reasons or possible performance improvements, you can request a fixed location for Artifact storage.

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