Reaching new heights in building management with over-the-air updates

Adopt, manage, and optimize smart, connected building infrastructure

Building management systems face mounting pressure to meet new demands

Climate change, safety & cybersecurity, and operational efficiency are transforming building management systems (BMS). Climate change is driving investment into clean tech, pushing new government regulations and reimaging BMS into smart, distributed infrastructure management. The rapid adoption of new tech is merging safety and cybersecurity to protect connected buildings from increasingly sophisticated adversaries. Realizing operational efficiencies during COVID-19, BMS is becoming further distributed and remotely managed.

Enabling this transformation is one underlying element – ever-increasing connectivity and software in building infrastructure. To support this pivotal transition, the industry requires the infrastructure to manage devices across a heterogeneous ecosystem.

  • Deliver secure, robust, and fail-safe remote updates. Optimize operations and resource usage with delta, automated, phased, and dynamic grouping deployments. Ensure your devices or systems are never bricked and inaccessible with a fail-safe design.
  • Monitor your smart solutions in real-time. Mitigate risks and identify disruptions with system-wide log monitoring, automated alerts, and email notifications. Manage uptime with real-time visibility of services and applications across your building.
  • Configure devices and applications with ease. Manage and secure configuration changes with role-based access control, configuration history, and change log audits. Define attributes, customize scripts, and track configuration changes.
  • Troubleshoot instantly, and resolve quickly. Ensure safety and security with complete remote terminal session replays, connection logs, and access control. Diagnose and remediate issues immediately with real-time device or system access, file transfers, and device testing.

Key benefits

Incorporate clean tech seamlessly

Ensure safety & cybersecurity

Improve operational efficiency

Industrial-grade features

Delta, Application, & Configuration Updates

Improve operations and slash resource requirements. Mender's delta updates and targeted application and configuration updates reduce network traffic and device downtime.

90% network traffic reduction | Learn more

Gateway for network connectivity and caching

Deploy updates to devices that are not directly connected to the Internet, e.g., only via a segregated LAN. Reduce network traffic by order of magnitudes by caching software updates at one or more Mender Gateways in the building.

Respect maintenance windows

Ensure that updates are only installed during maintenance windows, e.g., at night, by scheduling start time, and guarantee that devices are not in use by encoding arbitrary validation conditions in update packages.

Cryptographic integrity verification

Ensure only authorized, integral binaries are installed on target systems with secure TLS communication between the building and server and cryptographic verification of binary signatures.

Trusted by Fortune 1000 clients for over a decade, managing millions of devices worldwide

"Mender Enterprise was selected for its high technology and its main competency of being able to provide secure software updates to embedded devices. Its long history in community engagement and very good reputation in the world of embedded engineers provided Vaillant with great reassurance of Mender’s suitability as a partner. The flexibility in the Mender product roadmap to accommodate and provide solutions for the specific hardware modules we have selected is also greatly appreciated."

Kai Pecka, End User IoT Product Manager
Vaillant Heating Systems

"We were looking for a Best-of-Breed partner that could reliably deliver the service and hide the sheer complexity of OTA software updating behind the scenes and shield the business from this complexity."

Andreas Heid, Head of Edge Technology & Device Management
Schindler Digital Group

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