Open source, automotive-grade over-the-air (OTA) updates

Innovate, differentiate, and compete in a software-centered marketplace

Competing in a software-defined automotive world

Electrification, self-driving, autonomous tech – once focused on physical goods, the auto industry now exists in a software-centered world competing with software-defined vehicles. To not just survive but thrive, automotive vendors and their suppliers must differentiate.

Differentiation requires innovation. Today, innovation requires efficient, robust, and secure over-the-air (OTA) updates. While critical, OTA infrastructure is not a product differentiator. Yet without it, innovation and competitiveness fail to progress.

  • Deliver secure, robust, and fail-safe remote updates. Optimize resource usage and mitigate risks with delta, automated, phased, and dynamic grouping deployments. Ensure your devices are never bricked and inaccessible with a fail-safe design.
  • Monitor your fleet in real-time. Identify disruptions with system-wide log monitoring, automated alerts, and email notifications. Manage uptime with real-time visibility of services and applications across your fleet.
  • Configure devices and applications with ease. Define attributes, customize scripts, and track configuration changes. Manage and secure configuration changes with role-based access control and configuration history and change log audits.
  • Troubleshoot instantly, and resolve quickly. Diagnose and remediate issues immediately with real-time device access, file transfers, and device testing. Ensure security with complete remote terminal session replays, connection logs, and access control.

Key benefits

Reduce your time-to-market & increase innovation

Retain control and avoid vendor lock-in

Ensure regulatory & standard compliance

Automotive grade features

Delta, application, & configuration updates

Improve operations and slash resource requirements. Mender's delta updates and targeted application and configuration updates reduce network traffic and device downtime.

90% network traffic reduction | Learn more

Robust A/B updates

Eliminate expensive and damaging recalls due to update inconsistency. Instantaneous deployment, automatic rollback upon update failure, and phased, gradual rollouts ensure update success.

How it works | Learn more

Extensive logging, audits & reporting

Easily generate reports according to UNECE homologation requirements with an export of complete vehicle hardware identifiers and software bill-of-materials. Audit key security events like OTA update deployments, including who triggered updates and when.

Full on-premise support

Retain complete control and flexibility to migrate as your business evolves. Mender is deployed quickly as a SaaS-hosted service or an on-premise solution.

Trusted by Fortune 1000 clients for over a decade, managing millions of devices worldwide

"Mender was easy to evaluate, worked quickly, and integrated with our telematics vendor right out of the box. Leveraging a purpose-built solution saved us invaluable time and resources. Our internal team can now focus on advanced vehicle development with a robust OTA solution in place."

Team Leader, Telemetry
Electric Bus OEM

"With Mender’s advanced orchestration management features, we were able to deploy software updates in waves, ensuring quality and avoiding any large scale issues across product lines and vehicle fleets."

Lead for Vehicle OTA Onboard
Large OEM, Automotive Software Subsidiary

"Mender’s drop-in OTA update capabilities easily integrated with all our existing, complex systems with minimal risk and without the vendor lock-in of proprietary OEM solutions. Its open source architecture gives us peace of mind for future integrations product development may require as well."

Manager, Cloud Applications & OTA
Large Tier 1 Supplier

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