Mender Configure Add-on

Customize each device according to its environment

Easily and seamlessly configure and deploy updates to devices at scale.

Key benefits

Remotely customize your devices

With the Mender Configure Add-on package it becomes easy to pre-configure or change device configurations over-the-air, by allowing you to avoid device-server authentication and management in multiple places.


Save time, reduce costs

Leverage existing infrastructure and security credentials to automate device configuration at scale.

Eliminate redundant operations and costs with granular configuration controls by device attributes, environments, and more.

Ensure security

Reduce risk with controlled device configuration rollouts.

Limit which users can configure devices with role-bases access control, complete with audit logs and reporting.

Key features

Mender Configure

Open Source




Configuration UI

Use the web UI to configure devices with key-value attributes.

Reporting device configuration

Track applied configuration as reported by the device.

Customize with scripting

Define exactly how a given configuration is applied to a device.

Role-based access control

Limit which users can configure which devices.

Audit logs for configuration changes

See history of configuration settings applied on each device and by which user.